Annular Load Cells


MSNST #17XXXXX Load Cell Highlights:

  • Capacities from 500 pounds all the way to 5,000,000 LBS
  • Optional connector, dual-bridge, or integral cable configurations
  • Robust, often compact design allows for highly versatile force sensing solutions in assembly machines and press-testing
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product description

Measurement Specialists Inc, dba National Scale Technology, manufactures annular, donut, ring, and thru-hole-style load cells optimized to weigh between 500 and 5,000,000 LBS for both compression and tension applications. On-site electrical engineers and technicians allow for customized bridge, excitation, output, and wiring configurations. 

Annular load cells are heavy-duty rings ideal for use in anchoring systems, sling lifts, and tension testing. Thanks to their central aperture, Measurement Specialists’ washer load cells are great for measuring bolt fastening and clamping forces in automotive and construction applications, as well as in rolling mills. MSNST manufactures units interchangeable with most other force measurement brands – consistently reporting higher performance metrics in terms of accuracy and durability. 

MSNST has been a provider and distributor of weighing solutions across the world for 40 years now, and carries discontinued annular, donut, ring, and through-hole-style load cells customizable to fit any need.

Specifications reflect annular load cells either currently in stock, or previously engineered and ready-to-assemble, as of August 2022. Accuracy data based on full-scale output readings upon completion of production, which is an average 6–8 weeks period for new load cells. Pricing available for off-the-shelf MSNST #17XXXXX units.



Construction 17-4PH Stainless Steel, 4340 Carbon Steel, or A36 Alloy Steel
Example Capacities US LBF 500 LBF ; 1000 LBF ; 10K LBF ; 100K LBF ; 500K LBF ; 1M LBF ; 5M LBF ; 10M LBF
Example Capacities Metric kN 2 kN ; 4 kN ; 44 kN ; 444 kN ; 2224 kN ; 4448 kN ; 22241 kN ; 44482 kN
Excitation Voltage 10V–15V
Excitation Voltage
2 mV / V | 0V–5V, 4mA–20mA (customer preference)
Temperature Range
(additional ranges optional)
10°F — 200°F | (-12°C — 93°C)
Bridge Resistance 700Ω
Insulation Resistance 5000 MΩ
Accuracy & Precision Linearity: 0.35% FS | Repeatability: 0.05% FS
Maximun Load Safe: 150% | Ultimate: 300%

Please note that specifications or results may vary as we strive to improve our products. Additional information including dimensions and technical drawings available upon request.