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MSNST has been designing and manufacturing precision Load Cells for nearly half a century. MSNST...

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About Us

Specializing in the engineering of custom systems for standard and specialized environments, National Scale Technology has worked with aerospace and defense contractors, steel mills and countless other industries to develop successful force measurement programs. Our efficient high quality, manufacturing process allows us to design and build standard and custom load cells at a competitive price while providing additional options and services such as high temperature load cells, specialized calibrations, custom electronics and PC programming, and systems integration.

National Scale Technology and Measurement Specialists, Inc. (MSNST) were established in 1982 and are located in Huntsville, Alabama. We are a woman owned manufacturer and supplier of load cells. We are extremely proud to be made in America. All processes and steps -including the entire design and manufacture of our load cells - are expressly conducted in the USA. National Scale Technology employs on site engineers that are qualified and able to assist in virtually any weighing application regardless of complexity. We maintain a full and capable machine shop, production line, on site scale technicians, and a NIST accredited calibration lab. Currently we are able to calibrate in tension up to 450,000 pounds and in compression up to 1,600,000 pounds. Temperature ranges are available up to 500°F. Our continued emphasis on customer satisfaction, quality workmanship, and quick turnarounds has enabled us to become one of the largest load cell manufacturers in the Southeast. We provide weighing solutions to many industries, including aerospace, farming, food packaging, defense, steel industry, and automotive. In addition to custom weighing solutions, we are able to provide off-the-shelf load cells and we maintain a plentiful stock of many manufacturers’ standard cells. We also are equipped to repair virtually any load cell regardless of capacity or manufacturer, including obsolete cells; often for a fraction of the cost of a new unit. Please call 1-800-264-9990 for a repair estimate.