Load Cells

Load Cells

MSNST has been designing and manufacturing precision Load Cells for nearly half a century. MSNST has always been and continues to be a pioneer in the manufacturing of high quality precision load cells.

National Scale Technology manufactures high quality load cells in our state of the art facility located in Huntsville, AL USA. We realize that not every weighing application is suitable for an "off the shelf" load cell. Custom or interchangeable, our load cells are often less expensive and of higher quality.

Our engineering department and application engineers have seen and worked on virtually every kind of weighing system. Our ability to design, manufacture and deliver high quality load cells to meet your specific requirements is unlimited. We also provide exact replacement load cells for those hard to find or discontinued load cells. We manufacture most of our load cells in 17-4 stainless steel, making it very easy to use our cells in most any application, hermetic load cells and connectors can be made upon request. Our capacities range from 500 to 10,000,000 pounds.

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