Optional configurations & features include:

  • Capacities of 200 LBF through 10M LBS
  • Both compression and universal (compression + tension) models available
  • Integral cable or connector versions
  • Dual-bridge configurations optional
  • Custom capacities available
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product description

Ideal for tough, high-capacity, and repetitive applications, canister load cells offer weighing solutions for virtually every industry. Thanks to enclosed wiring, these load cells are great for pile testing and heavy-duty presses. Utilizing our top-of-the-line, in-house machinery, Measurement Specialists provides a plethora of custom units featuring single or multi-column designs, as well as compression and tension-based models.


Construction Stainless Steel + Heavy-Duty Shielded Polyurethane Cable
Example Capacities US LBF 300 LBF ; 1K LBF ; 10K LBF ; 50K LBF ; 100K LBF ; 500K LBF ; 1M LBF ; 2M LBF
Example Capacities Metric kN 1 kN ; 4 kN ; 44 kN ; 222 kN ; 444 kN ; 2224 kN ; 4448 kN ; 8896 kN
Excitation Voltage 10V–15V
Excitation Voltage
2 mV / V | 3 mV / V, 0V–5V, 4mA–20mA (customer preference)
Temperature Range
(additional ranges optional)
10°F — 110°F | (-12°C — 43°C)
Bridge Resistance 450Ω / 480Ω | 350Ω, 1000Ω, 5000Ω (customer preference)
Insulation Resistance 5000 MΩ
Accuracy & Precision Linearity: 0.05% FS | Repeatability: 0.03% FS
Maximun Load Safe: 150% | Ultimate: 400%

Please note that specifications or results may vary as we strive to improve our products. Additional information including dimensions and technical drawings available upon request.