Custom Load Pins


Optional configurations & features include:

  • Capacities of 1000 LBF through 2M LBF
  • Hermetically-sealed versions available
  • Integral or connector versions
  • Custom capacities available
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product description

Our custom load pins offer solutions across a broad range of applications including but not limited to: weight-monitoring for cranes via shackle pins, tie-downs for bridges, furnaces, barges, overhead cranes, control of hydraulic cylinders. Most custom load pins are defined by customer requirements, including drawings by Measurement Specialists to create the load pin. Contact us for your respective product specifications.


Construction Stainless Steel
Example Capacities US LBF 1000 LBF ; 5K LBF ; 10K LBF ; 50K LBF ; 100K LBF ; 500K LBF ; 1M LBF ; 2M LBF
Example Capacities Metric kN 4 kN ; 22 kN ; 44 kN ; 222 kN ; 444 kN ; 2224 kN ; 4448 kN ; 8896 kN
Excitation Voltage 10V–15V
Excitation Voltage
1.25 mV / V | 0V–5V, 4mA–20mA (customer preference)
Temperature Range
(additional ranges optional)
10°F — 400°F | (-12°C — 204°C)
Bridge Resistance 350Ω | (additional resistances available based on customer preference)
Insulation Resistance 5000 MΩ
Accuracy & Precision Linearity: 0.4% FS | Repeatability: 0.2% FS
Maximun Load Safe: 150% | Ultimate: 300%

Please note that specifications or results may vary as we strive to improve our products. Additional information including dimensions and technical drawings available upon request.