In order to make it through some extremely harsh environments and long service periods, the waste industry needs heavy-duty scale equipment. National Scale Technology has developed a large selection of heavy-duty weighing products that are best-suited for the waste industry. Some of these products include onboard weighing systems, truck scales, process control equipment, and indicators/controllers.

National Scale Technology’s onboard weighing systems ensure that the scale is brought to the product for a variety of different types of trucks. This allows for the vehicle operators to record data on-the-go, which ensures more accurate tracking of data. Thanks to cab-mounted displays, truck operators can constantly be updated on their vehicle weight and on-road safety.

Our truck scales offer optimal accuracy and durability at transfer stations and for waste hauling. They are built extremely tough, and need to be in order to support waste weighing operations. Our indicators and controllers offer various capabilities that ensures waste and refuse businesses are able to properly and accurately record data, control processes, automate applications and more.

Due to the fact that weight is such an important factor in these industries, National Scale Technology products and services helps the waste and refuse industry improve their overall efficiency.

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