The energy industry is one of the toughest industries. It is for that reason that it requires some of the most durable scale equipment. It needs weighing equipment that can withstand harsh conditions and demanding materials, while also yielding accurate measurements. National Scale Technology has developed process control and scale solutions that have been built tough specifically for the energy industry, including coal mining, fracking, renewable energy, natural gas, and petroleum.

For the energy industry, accuracy and durability are two important factors that have a substantial impact on an operation’s bottom line, which is why National Scale Technology focuses on both of them when designing its truck scales.

Belt scales from National Scale Technology are built with extreme durability to ensure that even more bulk material, such as coal and frac sand, can be moved with refined accuracy. Most belt scales can handle capacities up to 10,000 tons each hour.

Onboard weighing systems can be installed directly onto tank and truck frames for weight measurement in real-time. Specialized high-accuracy systems will allow for precise measurement usage data and the monitoring of volume and flow. Standard-accuracy systems will maximize payloads and eliminate overloads for trucks that are hauling mud, sand or water. All in all, this helps to ensure a quick return on investment.

Railroad scales ensure that the total gross weight of rail cars are accurately measured. Some systems can offer the total car weight in addition to the weight for individual rail trucks.

The energy industry consistently looks to National Scale Technology when it needs reliable, sophisticated and heavy-duty process control and measurement equipment.

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