When it comes to the chemical processing industry, there are a number of chemicals, industrial acids, paints, pigments, compounds, and other inorganic substances that are used. In order to optimize the manufacturing process and maximize the efficiency of material handling, National Scale Technology has developed many heavy-duty weighing solutions that can stand up to hazardous environments and can be used with hostile materials.

With chemical manufacturing, refining and reactions, it is critical that exact measurements are created and maintained. From tabletop beakers to industrial tanks and drums, chemical vessels require material that is resistant to corrosion and has the ability to withstand the hazardous properties of the chemical being created. The weighing equipment being used during these processes must also stand up to these very same harsh chemicals as well as the environment. That’s where National Scale Technology comes in.

National Scale Technology creates a variety of products that can do all of that and more. Whether you are looking for medium- to heavy-capacity products that can be used during chemical blending and batching with weld-sealed, double-ended beam load cells or a corrosion-resistant, long-lasting floor scale that can withstand some of the most hostile chemical processing environments, National Scale Technology has you covered.

Chemical manufacturing plants need exact science in order to meet the demand that is required of them for a number of chemical products, such as household paints, laundry detergents, and industrial compounds. When it comes to chemical processing and handling, systemically-designed and time-testing weighing equipment from National Scale Technology creates a positive reaction.

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