Bulk material processing in the construction industry consists of uncompromising conditions that require durable and dependable weighing equipment. National Scale Technology offers a variety of solutions for material processing facilities, construction material transfer stations, construction sites and quarry sites. We have some of the strongest scales on the market that can weigh the toughest materials around.

Our truck scales can enhance transfer station or bulk material site. If you are selling or buying materials by the truck load, National Scale Technology has durable, precise and efficient scales that can serve as your construction site’s cash register for each and every product transaction. If you are working at a temporary work site, you may want to consider a truck axle scale, which is safe, durable accountable and has unbeatable accuracy.

National Scale Technology also offers onboard weighing systems that allow bulk construction companies with the flexibility of accurately weighing their tractor trailers, straight trucks, dump trucks and wheel loaders regardless of their location in real-time. These systems help to enhance the efficiency of construction material transportation.

When it comes to permanent bulk material weighing, then you need to look at rail scales from National Scale Technology. We have scales that are durable and accurate that work well regardless of whether you are working with concrete, sand, stone, gravel or any other type of bulk material.

If you need to weigh bulk construction materials that are in process overhead, a crane scale should do the trick. Overhead weighing solutions can offer real-time measurement of operating loads, in addition to immediate feedback to both safety systems and operators that can help prevent or minimize unsafe conditions.

Belt scale systems can help to monitor the construction material flow rate and ensure that there is a consistent and accurate weight output at all times. These systems are built with rigid materials and are ideal for process control, bulk material blending, quarries, mining, and rail load-out applications. These types of systems are among the fastest ways of moving and weighing bulk construction materials.

National Scale Technology offers a wide selection of heavy-duty, dependable weighing solutions for the bulk construction industry – an industry that relies on equipment that is as tough as the work that they specialize in.

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