National Scale Technology offers a wide variety of products that are engineered specifically for the demands of the air freight and aviation industry. When it comes to busy airports as well as baggage terminals, National Scale Technology has high-quality and accuracy baggage scales and indicators that keep things moving smoothly. We also have durable cargo forklift scales, in addition to other products, that can be used by airport freight operators.

For airports, overweight bags can have a huge impact on the airline’s bottom line. Check-in lines can often get out of control. As a result, overweight bags get overlooked so that passenger delays don’t become a major problem. Airlines can avoid lost revenue by considering an aviation baggage weighing system. With a system like this in place, the attendant at the counter will be alerted that the baggage is over the pre-configured weight limit.

Airport cargo terminals are extremely fast-paced. It is for that reason that they need equipment that can ensure that freight is constantly being moved quickly and efficiently without accuracy being compromised. National Scale Technology has cargo solutions that are designed specifically to fulfill those needs. For example, cargo lift scales are attachments that can be mounted directly to a commercial forklift that will allow pallets to be weighed during the handling process, which saves both time and money.

Dimensioning systems can help to ensure that parcels, packages and pallets meet air freight dimensional requirements. These types of systems are available for various applications, including cargo and air freight terminals, shipping and receiving departments, workstations and countertops. These systems can capture accurate dimentions, weight, OCR text, bar codes, and images of static items in less than one second.

Whether it is baggage weights, material handling, or pallet dimensioning, measurement is a vital role in the aviation industry. National Scale Technology products and services can help to improve shipping processes and overall air travel.

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