Like many other industries, accurate weighing and measurement is critical in pharmaceutical environments. From laboratory research and development to production plants in the pharmaceutical industry, National Scale Technology offers first-rate measurement and weighing solutions. Some of these solutions include precision balances, test weights, floor scales and bench scales.

Precision Balances

Precision weighing can be achieved through the use of tuning fork balances. National Scale Technology tuning fork balances offer incredible response times and remarkable stability. Many not only weigh in grams and milligrams, but also pharmaceutical counting. Most are also designed to withstand laboratory environments where liquids and dust are present due to the various amount of research that is conducted on a constant basis. It may be a good idea to look for an application that meets advanced pharmaceutical compliance with user/password management and other security measures.

Test Weights

Since precision is key in the pharmaceutical laboratory, individual test weights and weight kits are important. Some weights are designed for calibrating weights or balances or for use in the laboratory. Calibration weights can help ensure optimal accuracy as well as improved handling.

Bench and Floor Scales

The best bench scales are those that sit on the tabletop, as they are easy-to-use and more accessible. These are capable of weighing product vessels and laboratory equipment. Available in virtually any capacity or size, bench scales are reusable and reliable in hostile and washdown settings. Many are designed to withstand medical, pharmaceutical and chemical processing applications.

Floor scales are often designed for longevity purposes and to withstand corrosion due to the chemical hostile environments that they are constantly exposed to as well as the sanitary pharmaceutical production lines.

Understanding the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, National Scale Technology offers a wide range of weighing and measurement applications that are ideal for precision and sanitary requirements of medical facilities, production plants, and laboratories. 

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