Logistic departments are material handling environments that are incredibly busy. As a result, they require multiple tools and equipment that can help to enhance efficiency and simplify processes. Due to the fact that a majority of postal carriers are beginning to utilize dimensional weight pricing for postage, shipping departments are going to soon need to take a new look at their packaging and shipping processes in order to avoid fines and compliance issues. From outgoing package weights and stock inventory to pallet dimensions and LTL material handling, National Scale Technology has an assortment of comprehensive logistic solutions that can help deter both fees and compliance issues, while also optimizing shipping and warehouse operations to help save both money and time.

For shipping and receiving departments, dimensioning systems can assist in adhering to dimensions weight shipping prices, which can ensure that you are holding true to compliance regulations. Many systems work well for boxes, polybags, tabletop flats as well as LTL multi-piece pallets. Depending on the system, it may use a high-resolution camera and even 3D imaging to help convert packages, especially those of irregular shapes, into accurate and cubed dimensions for shipping.

Since there will be some packages that cannot be lifted onto the countertop for weighing, it is a good idea to purchase a durable floor scale for larger packages. It is also a good idea to consider a cargo lift scale as a forklift attachment, as these will improve efficiency throughout shipping departments and loading bay terminals when pallets need to be weighed. In addition to improving efficiency and productivity, these attachments tend to save time and money.

National Scale Technology offers high-quality, cutting-edge weighing and measurement equipment that can simplify the material handling process, improve shipping efficiency and ensure postal compliance is maintained for businesses in the logistics industry.

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