National Scale Technology understands the importance of weights and measurements within the healthcare, medical and fitness environments. Whether it is medical research, laboratory work, accurate medical dosing, home healthcare, patient intake, or fitness centers, National Scale Technology offers a variety of fitness, health and medical equipment to service the healthcare industry’s need for accurate and reliable measurement.

Healthcare Centers and Hospitals

Health professionals in medical facilities and healthcare centers can rely on National Scale Technology’s weighing systems when they need accurate patient weighing. National Scale Technology offers a wide assortment of high-quality medical scales with optimal value and performance. Some medical scales today even come with USB or Bluetooth connectivity, which improves efficiency and reduces the chance of human error during data entry of a patient’s weight.

For routine patient weighing, the ideal option is a modern physician scale. Bariatric scales offer patients safety and comfort, as they have extra support features. For patients who find it difficult to step up and stand on a standard physician scale or for those in wheelchairs, you may want to consider wheelchair scales. These types of scales have large platforms with ramps that make it easier on these patients.

There are special scales for the most special patients: babies. Compensating for movement, pediatric scales offer stable weight readings for babies and infants, who can never stay still, so you will always get a dependable and accurate weight reading.

Fitness Centers and Health Clubs

In a fitness center or health club, it is important to be able to provide your customers with a full health and fitness assessment. The best way to be able to do this is with a body composition analyzer. This type of application offers an analysis of the upper, lower and full body. Depending on the model, you can get an entire picture of a patient’s health, getting a full breakdown of total body water, fat mass, lean body mass, body mass index, and more. This information will help health care professionals develop individualized health regimens.

Regardless of the spectrum of the medical industry, from the fitness club and healthcare center to the medical research and lab to the hospital, it is vital to be able to gain access to accurate weight-based measurements. National Scale Technology offers quality measurement applications for each area of the medical industry and commits to improve patient comfort and care with pioneering equipment.

Medical Laboratories

Medical research centers and laboratories tend to rely on National Scale Technology’s wide selection of balances and bench scales that are ideally suited for precise and hygienic laboratory applications.

Balances and tuning forks are necessary in medical laboratories when precise measurements are needed. Tabletop bench scales are ideal for weighing laboratory containers and equipment, including specimen vessels, dishes and beakers. Reliable and reusable in washdown and hostile environments, bench scales are available in various capacities and sizes.

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