Grocery & Food Service

Grocery & Food Service

Grocers and the food service industry need a variety of weighing systems and food equipment in order to provide consumers with quality service and selection. National Scale Technology offers a variety of necessary equipment for the back room and front counter to ensure that excellent customer service can be provided.

The best food service equipment is required by consumers in today’s busy retail market, especially at point-of-sale. National Sale Technology has equipment that meets that demand for grocery stores, delis, markets and retail counters.

Businesses need to begin with a compact printing scale that offers high-capacity weighing at point-of-sale. In today’s modern day and age, a touchscreen is ideal, though not necessary. These are great for delis where meats, cheeses, etc. need to be weighed and a ticket needs to be printed off with the item name, weight and price for check-out. In some cases, you don’t need a printing scale and only need a scale that computes the weight. You can find some that are powered by rechargeable batteries with unmatched accuracy, which are beneficial in the food service industry.

Automatic wrappers should be considered as well for prepackaging in the back room. Many automatic wrapping systems will weigh, wrap and label so that you don’t have to do anything. Today, these come in more space-saving designs without sacrificing efficiency and performance.

National Scale Technology strives to always provide quality food service equipment and weighing solutions for the grocery and food service industry.

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