From onboard vehicle weighing systems to portable axle scales, National Scale Technology has numerous weighing systems that can assist timber-hauling businesses improve vehicle weighing and loading, which will help to ensure maximum payloads and also reduce the overall amount of unnecessary vehicle operation and emissions as a result of under-loaded vehicles.

The onboard weighing systems from National Scale Technology are some of the most efficient applications for timber haulers due to the fact that they allow vehicle operators to weigh the timber in real-time on-site. These systems are capable of being mounted in a number of ways so that they can fit tractor-trailer or straight frame vehicles. With some configurations, air-ride suspension kits may be included, in addition to peripheral equipment, such as overload alarms, printers, GPS systems, and even wireless communication devices for tractor trailers.

You may consider truck axle scales for temporary forestry sites, as these can provide dependable and accurate vehicle load weights. These types of scales offer timber haulers a consistent and durable scale that verifies weight for under- and over-loaded axles.

You can’t forget standard truck scales for long-term transfer stations and timber hauling. These typically are available in pit-style or aboveground installations. Some come equipped with remote displays, automated ticketing kiosks and data management software, which helps to improve process efficiency and throughput.

When it comes to the forest industry, you will want to maximize your bottom line. To reduce, and potentially eliminate, under-loaded and inefficient timber trucks, National Scale Technology offers an assortment of weighing systems that transfer stations and timber haulers can rely on day in and day out.

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