Food Processing

Food Processing

National Scale Technology offers a variety of weighing equipment that is specifically designed for applications in the food industry. From weighing grains and managing feed to processing and portioning food, these products bring both accuracy and efficiency to the food quality, production and compliance table. With numerous products available for washdown environments, which are vital for poultry, meat and product processing, National Scale Technology solutions assist manufacturers in maintaining sanitary requirements.

Grain transfer stations are an important part of the beginning part of the food production process. You need to consider truck scales that are designed for durability as well as accuracy. Ideally, you should look for design yields between 70,000 and 140,000 pounds, depending on your output.

If you are running a production facility, then it is important that you are about to weigh products throughout the course of operations. When dealing with raw foods, a floor scale that is made of stainless steel and cannot corrode is perfect for environments that demand washdown.

For conveyor and automated food processing, you should look for in-motion systems that can provide weighing efficiency and accuracy. Make sure that you are looking for a system that is easy to clean frequently – ideally, something with a stainless steel construction.

No business in the food industry is complete without a bench scale. When selecting a bench scale, it is important to find one that is designed to withstand the constant rigors of frequent moisture and cleaning procedures that are required for washdown food production situations. As with the other applications, a stainless steel construction is recommended since it is ideal for sanitary environments.

Food processing applications and food labs will also require a balance that can handle sanitary and precise weighing. You should look for a durable, stainless steel housing that offers a quick response time, reliable results and PC connectivity for quality records and compliance.

When it comes to food weighing options, you need durability, longevity, dependability, accuracy, and washdown compliance. You can obtain all of this and more with the products from National Scale Technology.

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