Commercial Fishing

Commercial Fishing

Due to the working conditions that are encountered on a normal basis, such as wind, fog, storms and intense waters, commercial fishing is among the most dangerous occupations. Fisherman must learn to deal with these environments and they must also ensure that they have the proper equipment for these hazardous working conditions.

From floor and crane scales to checkweighers and indicators/controllers, National Scale Technology offers an assortment of robust weighing equipment that makes the weighing process in the commercial fishing industry simple, quick and far more profitable than ever before. Plus, due to the fact there are often multiple transactions that occur between tender boats, vessels, and production facilities, efficiency and accuracy are essential. The commercial fishing products that we offer are specifically designed to address the forceful needs of the industry.

For fishing operations to be successful, there are several different products that are required. For starters, you will need portable weighing equipment. Crane scale applications are particularly helpful, especially in medium- to heavy-capacity. These applications will allow the transfer of fish from a vessel directly to the cargo hold of a tender boat’s regardless of the sea conditions.

On the tender boat, it is a good idea to have an automatic filler/batcher that has the capability of filling containers on demand. These applications can typically begin filling storage containers on command, tare any container, and stop filling at a pre-determined desired weight.

Then, once the fish have been transferred to a fish processing facility from the tender boat, a checkweigher is necessary to prevent errors within the production process. You will need one that can withstand liquids, contaminants and other things that you would come in contact with in wet and dirty seafood processing environments. It is also a good idea to have both floor scales and digital weight indicators that are designed for corrosion resistance, as these will come in handy throughout the processing plant for weighing significantly large containers.

From the time that the fish are being caught in the ocean to the time that they are being prepared to go to the grocery store and/or local market, National Scale Technology products can meet the needs of the commercial fishing industry. 

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