Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Our factory is located in Huntsville, AL. We do all our machining, heat treating, electrical assembly and calibration on site.

1g to 1,600,000 Lbf; currently commissioning our 10,000,000 Lbf test stand. NIST traceable to 1,000,000 lbs and secondary traceability to 1,600,000 lbs.

Load cells are made of elastic metal that can be loaded 10-12 million cycles until the metal is fatigued. If an electrical component fails, it can be replaced as long as the metal is not fatigued.

Standard load cells can usually be repaired in about 2 weeks.

Yes. We stock high temperature load cell components and routinely manufacture and repair load cells to as high as 400F operating and 550F survivability.

We can design and build a load cell that fits your application, rather than modifying your fixturing to integrate a weighing system.

Yes, an expedited repair service is available for a nominal fee.

We manufacture load cells, tension or compression with a range of capacities from 500 Lbf to 10,000,000 Lbf

We offer a 2 year warranty for new load cells, 1 year for repair and high temp load cells.

Measurement Specialists has an in-house design team to help you determine the best type of load cell (custom or standard) for your application.

Yes. We routinely build for LHM, NG, NASA/MSFC. We provide DFARS compliant material and we are MADE IN THE USA.

High temperature load cells can be constructed to 400F and up to 550F.

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