Custom Load Cells

Custom Load Cells

Measurement Specialists specializes in the manufacturing of force sensors and non-standard load cells.

Incorporating a Non-Standard Sensor

In some instances, it is the superior alternative to incorporate a custom or non-standard sensor. This tends to occur when the sensor requires has a non-standard shape and the accuracy requirements are specific to the application. Measurement Specialists specializes in both creating and manufacturing non-standard and custom sensors. The majority of OEM applications are able to be satisfied by performing certain alterations to torque sensors or standard load cells. The alterations result in a custom product that has the same exact production costs and performance specifications as a standard unit.

Altering Existing Parts into Sensors

This particular option could potentially yield the lowest production costs yet have the primary advantage that no extra parts have to be manufactured. For a sensor to be made out of a current part, a thorough analysis must be conducted of the part and a drawing must be made. Generally, a sensing element is added to the part. In addition, the material is changed to a higher alternative strength. This results in a part that is identical in fit, form, and function, but it now also includes measuring capability.

This particular approach often requires a development program to make certain that the necessary performance is obtained from the part. Measurement Specialists performs all of the necessary activities from the design and testing to full production. The development of the brand-new part from the design to pre-production runs can be accomplished in as few as 14 days.

Instrumentation and Electronics

Measurement Specialists load cells are able to be designed to communicate with virtually any data acquisition equipment or instrumentation. We utilize telemetry equipment when the application requires it.

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