Load Cells

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Load Cells

MSNST has been designing and manufacturing precision Load Cells for nearly half a century. MSNST has always been and continues to be a pioneer in the manufacturing of high quality precision load cells.
Outstanding Features

Precision Accuracies
Standard Capacities from 250 lbs. up to 2,000,000 lbs.
Low Profile, Rugged, Compact & Lightweight
Dual and Single Bridge Options
2-mv/V or 3-mv/V Output (Nominal)
Low Deflection
High Frequency Dynamic Load Sensing
Pressure Compensating
Sealed Strain Gages
Counterbored Mounting Holes
Low Sensitivity to Extraneous Loads
High Static Overload
Highest Fatigue Rating in the Industry – One Billion Fully Reversed Cycles (Fatigue Rated Models)


All Load Cells are available in Dual Bridge Configurations
All Load Cells can be fit with a permanently attached cable
All Load Cells are also available in 3mv/V sensitivities
All Load Cells are available with bored thru holes

MSNST provides custom load cell design and repair service. All services are provided in house from our engineering department, machine shop, and our full calibration lab. Call today 800-264-9990